Very Light Jets (VLJ’s) Won’t Replace Business Jets Anytime Soon!

March 6, 2016

In concept, VLJ’s sem like the simple acknowledgment to the commonly big-ticket attributes of clandestine allotment jet service. They are bargain to buy (many getting awash for beneath $2 million), bargain to accomplish and accept a adequately appropriate ambit (over 1000 nm). So why haven’t they worked? Why isn’t air auto account the new trend in mid-range air travel?

The basal acknowledgment is it’s still not amount able and the commonly accepted amenities of a “business jet” are absent in a VLJ. The quick abeyance of DayJet LLC in Florida is a abundant archetype of the disability of the “air taxi” abstraction to accomplish money. DayJet claimed they bare an added accumulation of 40 actor to break in business. The aerial amount of jet ammunition (sometimes as top as $9/gallon) is aswell a above barrier block to abounding pilots and Air auto companies.

With attention to amenities, the VLJ’s are lacking. VLJ’s usually accept no bathroom. If they do it’s usually covered by a blind or is alleged an “emergency toilet”. I apperceive for abiding that I don’t wish to use or watch anyone use an emergency bath while on a 3 hour flight. Small cabins and abridgement of galley are added missing amenities that some business travelers cannot overlook.

Another above affair is safety. The better assurance aberration is that VLJ’s are alone congenital to authority 1 pilot. If the pilot has any problems in the air, the accomplished aircraft has problems. How abounding business travelers are accommodating to yield that risk.

VLJ’s are not the answer. The business jet bazaar will apparently break out of ability for the accustomed business traveler. With the amount of anew affluent advancing on daily, the business jet bazaar will see affluence of befalling in it’s accepted market. Bazaar amplification for the clandestine jet bazaar does not currently assume like a achievable opportunity.